The Parish of Saint John Mary Vianney, Leeds

incorporating the Catholic Churches of

The Immaculate Heart of Mary and Saint Paul, the Apostle

Parish Priest – Canon Timothy Wiley     Assistant Priest – Fr Joshua Hilton

Deacon: Rev. Michael Leahy

0113 268 1373

Times of Holy Mass

Saturday 23rd : Vigil

                      6.30pm     St Paul’s                   

Sunday 24th: Seventh Sunday  Of Ordinary  Time

8.00am     IHOM

9.30am     IHOM

  10.00am  St Paul’s

11.00am  IHOM

6.30pm   IHOM

Monday 25th: Weekday in Ordinary Time

9.15am     IHOM

   9.30am    St Paul’s


Tuesday 26th:  Weekday in Ordinary Time

9.15am     IHOM

   9.30am    St Paul’s

7.00pm   IHOM


Wednesday 27th: Weekday in Ordinary Time 

9.15am   IHOM

                     11.00am    IHOM      Funeral

      9.30am    St. Paul’s

Thursday 28th: Weekday in Ordinary Time

  9.15am             IHOM

  12.00noon       IHOM


Friday 1st: St David, Bishop & Patron of Wales (FEAST)

9.15am     IHOM

  12.30am   St Paul’s

 Saturday 2nd: Weekday in Ordinary Time

 10.00am     IHOM

     10.00am      St Paul’s

 Saturday 2nd: Vigil

 6.30pm     St Paul’s

Sunday 3rd: Eighth Sunday Of Ordinary Time 

 8.00am    IHOM

9.30am     IHOM

  10.00am   St Paul’s

11.00am    IHOM

 6.30pm    IHOM


St. Gemma’s  Mass:  Tues – Fri  11.30am

Exposition: IHOM Mon – Fri. 8.30am.  Novena: IHOM 9.00am.

Rosary: IHOM Sat 9.40am.

Morning Prayer of the Church: IHOM: Tues– Fri 8.55am.

Confessions: IHOM Sat 10.30 – 11am.

St Paul’s: Sat. 5.30pm-6pm and on Request at either Church